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The global leader in all the things that matter most.

E Corp is the leading global provider of corporate strategy, philanthropy, sustainability, and growth. It’s all part of our unflagging commitment to creating momentum, solving problems, and building a new tomorrow, today. From finance and banking to communications and entertainment to technology and security and beyond, no one does more to advance our society, and no one cares more about the people living in it. Decades of business evolution, research, and collaboration have served to keep E Corp the number one company in the world. We are devoted to seamlessly integrating into every aspects of our costumer’s lives. We believe in creating opportunities and bringing progress to communities around the globe. We operate thousands of businesses and employ millions of people throughout the world. And through it all we remain guided by our core principles of service, innovation, and a pioneering spirit.

Never has the relationship between E Corp and you been so important as it is in the wake of the Five Nine attacks. As the world struggles to rebuild, recover, and regrow, E Corp remains right where it always has been there — right there with you, leading the way. That’s why we like to say E Corp is "Still On Your Side™."

In the coming months, E Corp will continue to be there for you in so many ways. We hope you'll join our mailing list to ensure you are kept up to date on all the latest developments, innovations, new products, business announcements and opportunities. We look forward to officially welcoming you to the E Corp family!

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Introducing Ecoin!

As the effects of Five Nine continue to ripple through our world economy, global inflation continues to expand. In the face of this very real threat, world leaders from every country are quickly uniting behind one solution: Ecoin.

Over the coming months and years, the value of cash money will continue to plummet, and a new, more dependable form of currency must inevitably rise to replace it. Ecoin is that currency of tomorrow, being brought to you today by your friends at E Corp.

More reliable than cash, more stable than credit, and far safer than illegitimate, unregulated alternatives such as bitcoin… Ecoin truly is a new currency for a new era. Ecoin will free up our economy, giving businesses and families the vital chance they need to breathe, recover, and grow. Ecoin will allow us to rebuild the banking sector, restore order to the economy, and begin looking forward, investing once more in our collective destiny.

Ecoin. Welcome to the future of currency.